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Mercator help merchants and business owners to automate and standardize their merchant account reconciliation processes.
Automate your transaction and settlement reconciliation across multiple acquirers, payment processors and across every channel and turn your data into actionable business insights.

Discover and Recover money you didnt even know had gone missing and significantly improve the potential for profitability by plugging income leakages.

We leverage the power of technology, data, and industry expertise to solve your merchant account reconciliation challenges.

Let us manage your merchant account, so you can focus on growing your business!.

Features - Built with you in mind!

To support merchants, mercator has developed and continue to enhance the right features to meet our customers current and future needs!

Deep Integrations

We are connected to every major merchant processors,acquirers, switches and payment networks to make your reconciliation process seamless.

Automated Reconciliation

Improve your financial visibility with our daily automated reconciliation. Concentrate on things that truly matters to you.

Excess Charges Detection

Plug income and revenue leakages due to unapproved service commision(MSC). Because of every kobo matters!

A single source of truth

with mercator dashboard, you have a single source of truth for all your transactions and settlement reports, dispute/chargeback claims irrespective of your accepatance channel, payment processor, acquirer or bank

Chargeback and Claims Handling

Outsource your chargeback and dispute management to mercator. Focus on growing your business. Never loose a dime again due to late or no response to unscrupuluous chargeback claims

No additional investment required

mercator is a fully online Software as a Service paltform. No installation required, no addtional hardware investment required. Access your dashboard and reports from any where using any device.

A single support team

No more dealing with multiple support teams from your various acquirers or payment processors.

Business Analytics

We turn your data into actionable business insights delivered in any format you want.

Custom Reconciliation?

We understand that every business is unique so we have created a custom reconciliation process to adress your unique needs!

Are you leaving money on the table?

Your account staff spend over 90% of their time in simply completing reconciliations, and only 10 % of it is spent actually analyzying the implications of the results. What could your business accomplish if these percentages were reversed?
Doing reconciliation manually via spreadsheets can significantly reduce your visibility into the accurancy of your company's financial status.

Are you loosing valuable revenue and the potential for profit due to under Settlement, Excess Charges, unapproved MSCs(commissions), illegal deductions due to fraudulent chargeback and dispute claims?

On a daily basis, your merchant account reconciliation must not only be completed but also analysed for any discrepancies to prevent financial losses for your business.
Even if you are not processing millions of transactions, but especially if you are, this is a process that should be automated for many reasons - particularly because it creates the foundation for sustainable business growth.

mercator is a fully integrated and completely automated merchant account reconciliation and claims handling system for every kind of merchant. We help you reconcile every transaction, across every channel and help you discover, and recover under settlement, excess charges, ambigous charges with full chargeback and claims handling.

Our end-to-end merchant account management, reconciliation, and fee validation services detects seemingly minor anomalies that add up to million of naira each year.
We help you recover funds you didnt even know had gone missing.

If you are not efficiently balancing your accounts on a regular basis, you are leaving money on the table!

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Start plugging income leakages and stay on top of your payments and settlements.

Guaranted ROI

Our end-to-end merchant account reconciliation solution leverages a 24 by 7 global delivery model to deliver an efficient reconciliation process.

The solution provides cutting edge technology platform and outsourced merchant account reconciliation services to eliminate the need for upfront capital investment in hardware or software and helps businesses to reduce the TCO of reconciliation process by over 80%

We offer a money back guaranted ROI

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